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apay, apamuy

Sigh.  Not sure what to say about my day other than it was successfully navigated, and now it’s time to go to bed.

Perhaps most importantly, it rained.  A lot.  Torrential rain, in sheets, for mere minutes at a time.  I’ve rarely (never?) seen rain of such sort, like the whole sky liquifies for a few minutes.  We had gusts of wind to accompany, and it was coming at our front window like we were in a carwash, with those taffy-like water globs oozing down underneath the nailgun raindrops.  Most impressive.  Needless to say, it was yet another ride-the-bus-to-school kind of day, but I managed to swing it such that I got on two satisfyingly empty buses and avoided the rainy-day sardine buses altogether.

Lewis gave a presentation in semantics this morning which went well, and we had a celebratory lunch out to our favorite Japanesey fast-foody campus-adjacent eatery.  And we picked up my favorite old pair of shoes from the cobbler who fixed the soles, again, and hopefully for the last time.  Didn’t get much done when I got home, I’ve been feeling really drained and wore out entirely these days.  We did get the package I’ve been waiting for in the mail (a whole TB of external hard drive space!) but the package was stuck in our mailbox, so I spent an aggrivating amount of time wiggling the key and standing in the rain.  Took two goes, really, but worked fairly well after I came home and lubed the key up with some WD40.

After that, I did manage to back my system up and now I’m feeling all foot-loose and fancy-free in the linux distribution sense.  I’ve spent the last too-many hours trying to get Mint installed on my flash drive (bah.) and failing.  Like all Linux-related failure, I I’ve learned a whole lot, and every foray into the world of brute-force command line editing is as entertaining as it is fruitless.  At the end of the day, here I am on a live cd, not at all using my USB, having formatted and reformatted and rereformatted the volume, ending up as clean as when I started.  But to Mint’s credit, I’m really enjoying the system on the CD, and I think now that all my actual files are externally looked after, I’ll clean install this in place of vanilla Ubuntu when I feel like I’m ready for a little troubleshooting.  I mean… the wireless is working out of the box!  How much troubleshooting could there be?  (Famous last words two weeks before finals).

So… nothing else much to report.  I did make an appointment like a good person who looks after themselves to see the doctor about these migraines.  I’m pretty sure it’s just hormones, so hopefully the doctor can just switch my birth control type and we’ll be back in the land of the visually undisturbed.  I did spend a while working on my semantics final “paper” as well (paper in quotes because it’s to be as minimal as possible, i.e., could be done in one very well executed table if it could be magically explicit and self-explanatory).  Didn’t get anywhere but frustrated about the state of this stupid project.  I’m no semanticist, and that shant be changing in the next two weeks.  Until then, I’m going to keep cringing while I think about it, and completely procrastinating doing anything that might make it less cringe-worthy.  On the plus side, I should be going into paper-ville with a solid A, so it can only hurt so much!

Day, obliterated

Blah, blah, blah, migraine.  Blah.

Coseriu, Schmoseriu

Presentation tomorrow. Stupidly dreading it. I’ve practiced twice today, and it’s alright. Important to keep the eye on the prize: moving my mouth for 25 minutes, then being done doing that.

Lazy fail

I probably should have gotten a lot of work done today, but I really am just tuckered out.  So I got my Quechua reading done, and reviewed my phrases, but it’s not particularly memorized as it should be.  But whatever.  I had a bunch of semantics reading to do as well, but I only got a tiny bit into it.  On the other hand, I had a very nice walk, made a delicious dinner, took down the Christmas decorations, and caught up on my internet business.  I can’t really bring myself to care much about that.  The semantics reading is optional, and I’m auditing Quechua… so… c’est la vie.  Getting stressed out now wouldn’t set the right tone for my week, now would it?


It was a good, thoughtful, and even somewhat relaxing day.  Thursdays are great.  Sandwiched between my scary-first-session Wednesdays and my exhausting two-session Fridays, Thursdays are an oasis of minimal effort and extra time.  I don’t even have the rest of the week looming over the horizon.  Just one push through Friday sessions and I’m home free!

One major bonus today was not only making it through classes, and a surprisingly satisfying paper this aftenroon, but that we company for dinner!  The Lawyer’s called right after I had declared that I wasn’t going to make dinner for a while offering to bring us tasty tasty Symposium pizza and salad, and check out some “landlordy” stuff.  It’s a little crazy what a relief it is to have something so simple as someone else providing dinner.  Things are going well for us, it’s just a matter of keeping on top of it all at the same time.

I should really start blogging midday.  It’s easy to remember to do as part of the bedtime routine, but I rarely feel up to blogging much more than the bare bones of what’s been going on.  Too tired to be introspective, I suppose.  Whole heart isn’t in it.  Yawn.