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Blogging at night always makes me stay up too late. Perhaps I’ll make a little list and try not to be verbose. Today I:

  • went to a pub breakfast with Lewis’ high school buddies in Sacramento
  • did a small house tour with Lewis’ aunt and cousin, who also took some of their furniture out of our garage (yay!)
  • put away a few more boxes.  Nearly done with the immediately useable stuff…
  • started an audit of the music that made it onto my lappie to make sure everything’s there.  I’ve been missing a whole bunch of bits and pieces.  Lots left to do on this, but it’s nice to feel like certain bands are already taken care of.
  • chatted with Armand!  It’s so excellent to have him in my time zone again.  And with a girl to tease him about!

Tomorrow I’ve got to meet with our department administrator to get some TA paperwork done (W2 type stuff, my guess) and either meet with or email the graduate advisor about all those questions I was whining about.  Maybe I’ll take the lappy to campus and see if I can’t find a wireless hotspot or some such to use.

Now good night!

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