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Flat tire, flat day

Nothing spectactular happened today.  I got up early, somewhat hung over from last night’s celebratory escapade.  I did morning chores, my least favorite of all chores, though this set ending deliciously in a mango smoothie.

Tire went completely flat half way to campus, and there wasn’t really any fixing it at the time.  So I walked it to campus.  I was pretty late to class, but I think I handled it fairly well considering I’m normally freaking out about being on time.  Thank goodness for Lewis, both for being adoreable and supportive, as well as for busting it to class for me so I could feel like missing class wasn’t really “missing” it.  We were discussing a paper I didn’t really get and I was really interested to hear what was going on.  Turns out… I still don’t totally get it.  And I still think I might right my final paper using it.  Har.  Why do I do these things to myself?

Fixed tire after lunch, got some reading done and some librarying, and came home and crashed.  Been feeling really down ever since I got home, and I mostly think it’s just that I’m exhausted.  In fact, it’s just past nine.. but I think I’m headed off to bed anyway.  I just can’t deal with having any more day in my day.  But on the plus side, we got some evening chores done, like getting kitty new food and dropping crazy old film off to be developed… and I got the whole kitchen cleaned.  Woot.

For as tired as I am… I really wish tomorrow weren’t my big two-section TA day.  I guess this is why I wasn’t supposed to volunteer for Friday sessions.  Whatever.

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