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Candied everything

Whoo!  Finished 3 of 5 of xmas gifts today, and they turned out pretty darn well.  Looking forward to the last couple!

What else happened today… boy, not much.  Finished the book I was reading.  Went over to the Lawyers’ place for dinner (yummy meat loaf!) and did puzzles and had egg nog and such.  Holidays!

Now I’m all tuckered out again.  Just a few days left till Christmas… and nada mucho left to do.  It feels so good to have gotten the family gifts off, though I’m looking forward to getting my sister’s birthday stuff soon.   Might go hit up the city on Monday.  So festive!

Alright.  I guess I’m too tired to really blog properly tonight.  Hurrah for holidays.  Off to bed.

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