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Donder und blitzen

Oy, thunderstorms.  It’s 3:30 in the morning.  It’s the second time I’m up… though I think it’s also the last of the cells to pass before the storm is basically spent.   I wish I could sleep through these things, but I just can’t keep my heart from racing, even when on the surface I feel pretty confident everything is going to be fine.  Animal instinct, I guess.

It’s a pretty strange storm, for Davis anyway.  The cell that went by around 1 am had so, so much lightening – a nearly constantly lit sky.  You could see it going every which way, it was pretty incredible.  I’ve only seen a storm like that once, and it was in Louisiana.  I didn’t realize we had such storms here sometimes.  Though Lewis said he’ d never seen one like it either, so it’s certainly strange for Davis.  This second cell is a lot more normal-y for a Seattle girl like me – lots of rain and hail, big window-rattling peels of thunder every couple minutes.  They’re even shaking the pictures on the wall just a bit.

Sigh.  I give it another half hour, and I’ll be glad when it passes.   Oo.. we’re down to the 4-second mark between flash and boom.  Guess it’s right overhead.  That means it should be soon getting further away than closer…

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