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"Little Seaside Village"

As recorded by Mr. Charles Ingenthron

4 Sept 1941

Walnut Shade, MO
In the following text, the refrain is indicated in italics.

To a little seaside village
Came a youth one summer's day
Just to spend a short vacation that was all
There he met a fisher maiden
And to while the hours away
At her cottage every day he used to call

And the maiden she believed
The words in idle that he spoke
As arm in arm along the beach then they roam
But one day there came a letter
Which with aching heart she read
Just those simple words goodbye I'm going home

In the village by the sea
She was happy as could be
Like a bird her heart was ever light and free
Now the moon don't seem so bright
For she's all alone tonight
Where he left her in the village by the sea

Just one year ago this summer
Came the same youth bright and gay
To the same old village seaside far away
He had come to ask forgiveness
For he'd learned to love her too
But how dear he did not know 'til far away

And her father came to greet him
As he knocked upon the door
Down the path and to the graveyard then they roam
Then he pointed to a grave mound
And said she bid me say to you
Just those simple words goodbye I'm going home