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Folksong Lyrics

Below is a list of folksongs whose lyrics I have assembled. For some of the songs
I have multiple versions, and these are grouped together below.

"The Banks Of The Schuylkill"

"Brown Eyes"

"The Cruel Mother"

"Dixon & Johnson"

"Edward, Edward"

"The Furry-Day Song"

"Harvard Student"

"Horse-Trader's Song"

"Lady Alice"

"The Lass of Lochroyan"

"The Lily Of The West"

"Little Old Sod Shanty"

"Little Seaside Village"

"A Lyke-Wake Dirge"

"Shamus O'Brien"

"Sir Patrick Spens"

"Thomas The Rhymer"

"The Three Ravens"

"The Twa Corbies"

"The Two Sisters"

"Young Charlotte"