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Titular mishap

Oh daily blog, what happened to you?  I wish I weren’t so busy and so frustrated around bedtime when I should be relaying to you all the triumphs of my days.  I don’t recall the last time I wrote.  Suffice it to say that several days have passed, included within them Halloween, the midterm for my TA class, and Lewis and I’s fourth anniversary of dating.  Seems a little crazy to be embarking on year five already!  Woot to that.

Today was good.  I got up early so we could drive to the Bay Area to go to the SF Opera with our old work buddies Charlise and Nina.  Turns out I got up an hour earlier than intended (5:45?  Goodness me.) so I got a lucky extra hour of sleep after that once I realized my time shifting mistake.  But we were still up and out of the house fairly early, and made it to the Bart with just a few minutes to spare to make our perfect train.  Ran into Nina at McArthur while changing trains, and then ran into Christine and Kim on the escalator coming up from Civic Center… turns out all four of us were on the same train!  Quelle surprise.  So we made it to the Opera, found Charlise, and had a lovely brunch at Citizen Cake.  Got to see Charlise’s apartment in the city for a moment, and had some coffee and purused books at Books, Inc. / Peets.

We got to go stand in line for a few minutes to get in the good standing-room-only spots (though Charlise had already reserved herself the first and second spots…) and we got to see a pre-opera lecture (short) about the work we were going to see.  Saw Boris Godunov, which was okay, though I didn’t like it as much as the last one we saw there, Ariodante.  But the company was superb and I had an excellent time galavanting around the city with our pals.  Yay Ask, and yay San Francisco.  Made me want to go Christmas shopping being so close to Union Square!

Okay, enough dallying… I really ought to get a little work done today while I still can.  Off to transcribe…

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