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Christmastime in the City

I’m feeling rather overdone, but in a delightful way.

Lewis and I got up early so we could spend the day Christmas shopping in the City.   Got out of the house about 10, and there wasn’t any traffic or anything on the 80.  Yay!   Got to Berkl in good time, and got ourselves on the Bart.  Oh, how I love the Bart!   We even got the full Bart experience – a screaming, swearing guy threatening to break some other guy’s jaw.  We waited a good while at Montgomery while the Bart police showed up and the guy eventually got off.  Sigh.  Holidays stressing folks out, I guess.  Anyway.  Eventually made it to Powell and Union Square to begin shopping!

Sadly almost all the stores we were intending to visit were completely gone.  Not the big ones, like Gumps and Williams Sonoma, but all the little stores, even – sadly! – the MOMA store were gone!  Really put a crimp in the shopping plans and left me a bit lacking in backup ideas.  Had a great day anyway, though, seeing the sites of the City and milling about.  Got a few great presents bought, and got a few things for myself as well.  Lewis and I even managed to fit in a movie (Despereaux) and had coffee in a lovely room in the St. Francis.   Got home without too much trouble, and now here I am, exhausted.  Long and fruitful day.

I’m a bit nervous about tomorrow, we’re hosting a cookie decorating party!  People are going to be showing up in the early afternoon, so hopefully that’ll give me enough time to get everything baked up and ready to go.  I’ll cross my fingers for myself…

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