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Valentines Day was yesterday, and it was very excellent!  It felt so nice to take a whole day off and not worry about getting any work done or anything.  Double nice since it’s a three day weekend – woot!  Anyway, we had a wonderful day yesterday.  I sorta surprised (as much as possible, anyway) Lewis with a blueberry-cornbread breakfast (with heart-shaped eggs!), and we had a really lovely slow morning.  Took an excellent drive around for the afternoon, so Lewis could show me Capay valley.  Actually we hit up the Putah Creek Cafe in Winters first, which is such a wonderful spot.  I love me a good diner!  Not to mention, someone cute gave me an adoreable little pocket duck I named Percival.   Anyway, after waiting for a squall to pass, we eventually did go get our drive.  We got some great vistas of the stormy cloudscape, but got rained on only infrequently.  Came home and watched some cheesy movies to top it off, and altogether had a great Valentine’s Day.

Today was a work day, but very pleasant.  Work went well, got all the reading and grading I wanted out of the way, and even had time to watch a movie!   Saw Frida, and it was excellent… much better than I had anticipated even, and really great cinematography.  Also made some squash chili,  which was good as ever.   It’s been so surprisingly difficult to make anything with vegetables lately, it’s great to get a little nutrient in my dinner.  Hurrah for cooking!

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