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I Never Had It So Well

Can’t manage any more than a good bad list tonight.  I’m tired, frustrated, nervous, resigned, excited, aprehensive, defeated, and at the moment a bit taciturn.  Anyway:

The Good

  • got the laundry done
  • got my sewing machine delivered
  • finished chapter one of the LIN 1 reading
  • had a nice walk & talk this evening

The Bad

  • see above list of tumultuous mood swings
  • couldn’t figure out how to thread sewing machine
  • something happened to Boo outside today (something peed on his neck? maybe?) and he’s been sad all day
  • Lewis is maybe getting the flu
  • failed to make dinner, or pumpkin bread, both of which I had big plans for
  • spent an unjustifiable amount of time futzing with new email programs trying to get something to check my two addresses non-buggily
  • additionally: something in my wordpress is fucking up, so I can’t even post this blog.

Tomorrow = first day of classes.  Happily, I’m not nearly as nervous as I could be about this.  I know most of the 1st years now, and I already know and like the professor.  We’ve been doing orientations all week, so I already know where the building is and all that, and I feel a bit like an “old hand” around the department.  I even have my “own” (read: shared with 6 other TAs) office.  Also, I only have one class tomorrow, and one class Friday, which seems like a nice small load.  Now to go to bed so I can get up at an appropriately early hour.


Herbagic Success

Herbagic Success

I’m drinking ginger tea, and listening to an old Chris Cornell album.  It still feels funny to me to call any of his solo stuff “old”, but at this point I really can’t deny the fact.  Anyway, I listened to a track of the album he’s releasing soon and it was a really odd experience. If you can suspend your disbelief that Chris Cornell’s voice is coming out of a dance club hit, it sounds like an average-to-decent dance club hit.  With the added bonus that Chris Cornell’s voice is in it.  If the merest hint of “Soundgarden” assails your psyche… it’s all lost.  I don’t think I’ll buy it, and sadly that means this will be the first Chris Cornell thing I’ll pass on willingly…. but it’s time to let him go.  Besides, I just got a sweet Soundgarden rarity (Japanese issue only!) last time I was at Sonic Boom, so I’ve got pleanty of the past to live off of.

There were several triumps today, mixed into that (temporarily) overwhelming malaise I get.  I’ll do the rest of today in the old list format, since it’s getting late and I’ve got one of my biggest triumphs to celebrate ;)


  • Murder Burger
  • planted house herbs in herb garden! (see photo above…)
  • cat sitting for the Lawyers
  • may have figured out some tax stuff
  • remember to pay student loans at last minute (and it should be the last one for a while!)
  • finally got comedy central videos to work!  hurrah!


  • general type malaise
  • work up with one hip all twisted up from gardening yesterday
  • spent too long in our desk chairs… need nicer desk chairs.
  • failled to go to Yolopalooza

Now… off to watch the last Daily Show!  I’m so spoiled.

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