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I’m full of toasty chai, and very sleepy.  It’s been a long day.  A long, choreful day.

I got up early and made Lewis some apple cinnamon muffins and got rolling on the laundry.   Spent all morning alternating laundry and homework, which is a sure way to wear oneself out by lunch.  But I did manage to finish all my work today, and all the laundry, as well as cleaning both bathrooms and finishing up the dishes.  Ooh, and we took a walk and got some ice cream from the Davis Creamery!  Phew.

I guess that makes me prepared for a day of playing tomorrow – we’ve got two birthday parties to attend, one in Berkeley, and one in Davis.  Wouldn’t have said yes to both, but they’re for two of our favorite people, and I can’t imagine not going to either.   Should be rousing fun, even if it’s an early morning (after daylight savings at that!) on a day Lewis and I both have an awful lot of work to do.  Some days you just have to choose frolic and folly and know you’ll make it all up somewhere else.

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