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Finals week, you beast!

It’s been a very eventful day, though considering my huge petering out this evening I don’t know if I can call it that successful.  I woke up all bleery-eyed and feeling completely exhausted, no doubt from the emotional (and stupidly, physical) exhaustion from proctoring the Lin 1 final.  I really could not get moving this morning.  Luckily Lewis needed to go to campus, and also needed to get his bike fixed, so when he got up we both whisked ourselves to campus and got some breakfast and got some bike turned in for tune-up-age.   I, too, need to get my biked tuned up at some point.

I got a fair amount of work done in my office this afternoon, punctuated by short lovely winter walks to move the car.  Picked up some groceries at the co-op on the way home, made a delicious quesadilla dinner, and got some, but not a lot, more work done.  I’m half done with my last paper, though I was hoping to be more like 3/4th done with it by tonight so I could have ample time to edit and revise tomorrow without being too exhausted from writing it.  I’m not sure that will happen, but it’s not due till noon on Friday, so I may still be able to get up early and work on it Friday morning.  You never know.

What I do know is that I’ve been doing sudoku and paying bills instead of working on my paper for the last hour or two, and I’m exhausted and only getting progressively more retarded.  And that’s the exact moment you know it’s time to go to bed and hope you wake up raring to go on what you have left.  The pull of winter break is strong… and I’m very much ready to just throw it all to the wind and Christmas shop like the dickens!  Turns out I only have two weeks till Christmas.  I have a whole heck of a lot of cheer to try and cram into just two weeks.  I haven’t even listening to Christmas music all day.  Sigh!  The things I sacrifice for graduate school.


What a wonderful day!

Got up early, but spent most of my day grading the first set of homework.  That stuff really burns me out… but the kids seem to be getting syntax more than I feared they might, so that’s great!  Maybe we won’t have so much work to do this week to get syntax whipped into shape.  Yay. I also made cider this morning! It’s delicious and it makes the whole house smell nice while it steeps. I even used our own homemade apple juice from a big bag of jonagolds I juiced a few days ago. So tasty.

As soon as I was done with that, I was ready to get out of the house!  Lewis and I borrowed a car and got ourselves down to a bike shop to fix my poor tires.  Turns out I have an abnormal tire size, so the first shop sent us away with a referral to a different shop.  Second shop only had one set of tires that would fit me bike, so that’s what we’ve got now.  They’re “slicks” (as in, have no tread) which I’ve never ridden on before, but as the guy at the bike shop helpfully pointed out, the barely treaded and now worn down tires I was using were essentially treadless anyway.  Gave the bike a test drive this evening with the new gear, and so far so good.  It’s also nice to have brand new tires that don’t have any structural problems or previous wounds.  If only I could say the same for my tubes!

Anyway, after the bikeventure, we took ourselves to a pumpkin patch to pick out some halloween friends!  Getting there was a bit of an adventure, actually, since Lewis and I had borrowed the manual transmission Bug, and neither of us have driven stick for quite some time.  As it turns out, all my years of Giles (approximation here, not my car, but an identical looking one) played out in my favor. New VWs have touchy clutches, though the actual shifting is much smoother and less of a workout than my dear Giles. That poor guy had such shifting trouble! Anyway, I ended up driving to the pumpkin patch cause the stick was getting the better of Lewis. Must admit, it was fun!

Pumpkin patch was great. Lots of good gourds, lots of families and kids, and baby animals! In addition to a pumpkin patch, this particular place had a petting barn! We didn’t pay to go in (since going in pretty much meant the petting, not the looking portion, and it was mostly under-8 types), but we did wander the perimeter and admire all the cute things. They had baby rabbits, chickens, and kittens, and even a baby goat no bigger than our Boo. A very nice touch! So we made it home with our two-gourd bounty (mine, a traditional and stalwart looking pumpkin, and Lewis’ some sort of green gourd) for way less money than I anticipated. Yay!

Came home and sort of completely crashed, as is wont to happen. Failed on the dinner front, though I was all excited to make “Clare Hall Soup” today. Perhaps tomorrow. But importantly, I did manage to finish the reading I had set out for the night, and that puts me in pretty good stead for tomorrow. The Lawyers’ are coming over as well tomorrow for some general maintenance, so it ought to be a busy one. Ah, the weekend.