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I feel like I’m living life with all my nerve endings exposed.  A sea anemone asking to be bruised with experience.  Grasping at the plankton’s hint of exuberance.

I can never help feeling like I’m on the cusp of either disaster or infamy when this happens.  Like the stakes are so high.  I feel invincible and reckless.


Haven’t felt too much like blogging lately… it’s been a busy weekend.  And it’s hot!  Got up to 90 degrees today.  Picnic Day (100,000 person all-Davis free-for-all) was yesterday, and we had a really great time.  Spent today doing work, primarily, though I did make it to the gym.  Yay.  Now, to bed!


Happy new year and all that!   And happy birthday to my sister!

Nice party last night at a big mansiony place out in the boonies.  Good lazy day today watching football (USC -> Rosebowl) with the in-town Weasels and making the rest of our Xmas essens.  Now I’m off to get a little relaxing massage from my sweetie!


Nada mucho to report today.  I slept really late — till almost 11! — and then I did housework all day.  It’s nice to feel like we’re not neglecting this place of ours.  I did all the dishes, the laundry, and the ironing, and maybe after some vacuuming tomorrow, we’ll be in good shape.  Boy, I can’t believe we only have a week left!

Bing, etc.

Not feeling so much like blogging tonight… I’ve got a snuggly kitty and a snuggly husband both waiting for me in bed.  I’ll only list today’s triumphs (and note that today was also a day lacking in failures):

  • mailed north and southbound packages!
  • mailed christmas cards!
  • finished 2nd of 5 xmas made-food goods
  • started 3 of 5!
  • also started first attempt at homemade yogurt… will check in tomorrow
  • ordered pizza, since food-makings were fairly exhausting
  • picked up bike from bike shop!  like new!
  • got another few christmas presents squared away
  • saw Lewis’ family (including sister!) and had a nice evening with them
  • watched a Bing Crosby movie!

Phew.  Good day.  Tomorrow’s feeling like it’s going to be even better, since I think I’ll be able to wake up to the feeling that I’ve not got anything reaaaally pressing to do.  Woot to that.