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TTMMH 5: clouds

We don’t get a lot of atmospheric weather in Davis. Days like yesterday, when the sky lowers and the clouds come in, remind me of home. And that makes me happy.

TTMMH 4: tinkering

I like putting things together.  This includes both the making of new things via sewing, soldering, programming, etc., and the simple act of assembly as with furniture, computers, and the like.

TTMMH 3: baking

Baking combines two of the things I excel at: eating and following instructions.  Plus there’s some magic to making something out of nothing.

TTMMH 2: mentoring

I really enjoy teaching and mentoring younger students. ¬†Passing on your knowledge is gratifying, and giving people opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have had is quite fulfilling. ¬†I’ll miss teaching at the college level, if this is my last year of it.

TTMMH 1: book browsing

Welcome to part one in my occasional series: things that makes me happy.

Two facts have recently come to my attention.