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So chilly

First of all, this new wordpress is fantastic.  I was waiting to do this update until I was out of school just in case I mussed something up and had to spend a million hours fixing it. Instead, I’ve had unorthodox success on two updating fronts.  I’ve updated wordpress, and added new and exciting widgets (including the aforeposted twitter feed) and everything went as smooth as can be.  I can’t believe it!  But what’s more, I also upgraded Ubuntu today with only the tiniest of hiccups!  Had to swap out my network manager (but the standard one is crap anyway) and I still have not quite figured out why my outgoing mail isn’t working… but otherwise, total success.  Sound working, wireless is working, display working, even *suspend* is working!!   I love you, computer.  I love you, you wonderful old Ubuntu.  And I love you, lovely people at Za Reason!

This has been a muchly successful day.  Got up at my leisure, made breakfast (mm, cinnamon tortilla rollups and yogurt), and watched silly SNL videos.  I made split pea soup in the slow cookers, and baked a loaf of multigrain bread to go with it (graham flour + cornmeal + white) .  Got the tree trimmed, and Lewis set the train up around the bottom.  The track is really great this year – so long and curvy!  Lewis also did the laundry, so we’re all well set up for tomorrow.  Watched an episode of Ken Burns’ Jazz,  and did some internet window shopping, getting myself ready for maybe going actual-type Christmas shopping tomorrow.  I even read a little, and hung up the instruments mom brought up for the music room.  Yay!   It’s so fantastic to get to spend a day doing random stuff… I’m getting so much done, even though it’s all the little unimportant-type stuff that gets passed off while I’ve got real school-type work to do.

Also, it only got up to 45 degrees, and it rained all day.  We were going to put the Christmas lights up on the house, but it just was not very inviting outside.   Our rain meter says .43 inches for the day so far!   It is nice to have some decently wintry weather though, since it’s been so mild for so long.  Not that I’m getting actual snow, Seattle-style or anything, but you know.  I’ll take what I can get.

I should also mention that we had to parties in a row!  After classes finished up Friday, we had a we had a gathering of Linguistics folks over to watch William Shatner speak Esperanto.  It was much more well-attended and festive than I had anticipated, and I’m really pleased with the whole endeavor!  People stayed rather late (for academics coming off finals week anyway) and there was much good bonding and joking and such to be had.  Yay for our department.   We spent yesterday at another party, this time Nina’s engagement party, full of all our good ol’ work folks.  I really miss all those guys!  It was so wonderful to see Nina & Jimmy and Charlise, Scott, Christine, Julian, Raffaella, Chuck, Hope, and Kim!  Chidi and Stefano were both out of town, but perhaps we’ll get to see them soon.  We promised KE we would stop in for tea time if we’re going to be in the area doing Christmas shopping.  And I believe we will!  Lewis and I already have a Rattos and tea trip in mind.  Yum.

Ah, life is good, isn’t it?  I’m looking forward to my classes next quarter, and have found I really don’t even care what grades I got this quarter.  I do anticipate A’s in both, if I may be a judge of my own work and its quality, but I find that I don’t have nervous grade checking heart palpatations like I might have as an undergrad.  I just check every day like habit, and feel like the inevitable grades will show up sooner or later.  Probably more like later.

I don’t even know what to do with the rest of my night.  Snuggle up to Lewis and read?  Go to bed early?  Start an art project?  The possibilities are endless.  Endless!

Wordpress.. *fist shake*

I sat down at this computer hours ago to fix the mess the wordpress update had done to my page.  After all that ridiculosity (if I may) it turned out to be a problem with permalinks.  Sigh.  Getting Wordpress to work (let alone the same way over three installs) is like trying to put together a puzzle… a thousand piece puzzle that comes with three thousand pieces in the box, all the same color and nearly the same shape.  And every time you leave the room, someone switches a few out.  And the instructions are in Hungarian Pig Latin.  But here I am, and here is everything else at least doing what it’s supposed to.  Even some internal stuff from the last version fixed so it actually works on the back-end too.  Oh and by “everything” I mean not the password protected posts.  Which are most of them.

Anyway, we had a wonderful bike-jaunt to a neat old church today which Lewis has most delightfully blogged about on our more public-consumption-type blog. I wish I knew a way to migrate the old Blogger stuff from Cambridge into there… but that’s asking an awful lot. I tried migrating my LJ in here once and decided keeping things separate is probably all for the best, even if it makes me feel like I need to be defragmented.

Spent the rest of the evening watching the closing ceremony of the Olympics. Sigh! Have to wait two more years until another games, but I’ll survive. It’s a shame it’s probably uber expensive to go see anything, since for the first time (in my adulthood anyway) the games are going to be nearby. I’d love to go hang in Vancouver and watch some sweet ski jump or figure skating action. But I shant! Seems like a thing to save up for, so I can go when I’m all rich and retired. I’ll enjoy them either way.

I’m going to attempt to go to bed at some kind of reasonable hour tonight… this 1 am business is bad form.  Especially since I don’t need to stay up for these broadcasts any more.  I finished signing up for classes (I think?  Another long story…) and I’ve got a 10:00 am class I really should be ready to get up for.  Besides, I’d like to start biking or going to the gym or something in the mornings and getting up at 9:30 or 10 just isn’t going to cut it.  I wonder how I join the gym…  Lewis and I really need to figure out this student ID business so we can play in the library and such.  But we’ll be in Seattle in a week!  And school starts just a few weeks after we get back.  It’s all coming up so fast!