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It’s another feeling-late night (though I know it’s only 11) and that means list time:

  • saw a lovely phlebotomist, got labs done
  • headed out to 3 Palms to check out plants
  • hit up ace, picked up sharpened knives!
  • planted procured flora
  • almost planted dwarf lime tree…
  • hung out with heather and kevin!  symposium, davis creamery, “the meaning of life”

Tomorrow… I’m going to mostly chill the heck out.  And go to a Bollywood movie with the KEs!


What a great day I had!

I only have an hour of classes on Thursdays, so they’re basically my best day.  But today was especially great.  We’re doing student presentations in semantics, so all I had to do was hang out and listen to some folks chat.  Went and had lunch out in the sunshine with Lewis, and hung out a bit in the library.  Picked up a book I needed, and also a Dickens book I think I’ll read.  I’ve never read any Dickens, but I’ve been rather into the Victorian-esque stuff for the last few years, and it seems like this isn’t far off that mark.  Though truthfully, seeing Masterpiece Theatre’s “Oliver Twist” was the real inspiration.

Came home and had a very nice lazy afternoon getting some small work done.  Decided I wanted to do something exciting with my evening that involved more than television, though… so I made pizza!   From scratch!  It was so fantastically exciting, I don’t think I can really capture that in the old blog.  I really should have taken pictures… but anyway.  The dough making was really, really easy (much easier than making bread!) and it only necessitated that Lewis and I walk to the store to pick up our topping ingredients while it rose.  I love it when your dough rises just exactly like it’s supposed to!  By the time we had shopped and walked back home and cleaned up a bit, it was all ready to go!  So we made half a sausage/veggie combo, and half a barbeque chicken.  Good gravy was it good.  If for some reason I had mozzarella around regularly, we’d be completely doomed.

And in the meantime, Lewis tried his first go at making Tabasco-style hot sauce!  Turned out pretty darn good.  It’s just got jalapenos and habeneros and vinegar… but it’s really sweet and nicely spicy.  Put it on the pizza and it was great.  Looking forward to maybe making eggs or potatoes or something with it for breakfast.  Seems like the perfect topping for some breakfast spicyness.  Mmm.  We’re spoiled people.  Full of our own handiwork.

Ooh, and we watched Bill & Ted over pizza.  Can you really top that?  I don’t think so!


It’s 10:30.  It’s Friday night.  I’m exhausted.

I had a really chill day, compared to what I was worried about.  Doctor’s office cancelled my appointment at 7:30 this morning, so I didn’t have anything to do but my neuroimaging class.  Class went pretty well; it’s a good class, and it’s nice to be done by 11 on Fridays.  We have a three day weekend coming up, so that’s pretty bueno.

Did some work this afternoon when I got home, and got the house all cleaned up and ready for my sister.  Well, at least most the house.  Thankfully our house is always really easy to clean up.   I’m really looking forward to this weekend.  I should have tried to get all my work done today, but I burned out pretty early.  There’s something about the end of a Friday that really makes work difficult to do.   So instead, Lewis and I went and got frozen yogurt downtown and did some windowshopping at Ace, made a nice dinner, and watched a movie!

And now, all I really want to do is go curl up in bed and read my book.  Which is what I shall do!


For it being the first Lewis-free Davis day, it went way better than average!  I always had a hard time with these lonely days in El Cerrito, but it’s so much better with friends and family more nearby.   So I got up and saw Lulu off this morning, and not long thereafter his mom called me and invited me out for the day!  We hit up the Fox & Goose for delicious British brunch, and then did a little running around Sac getting some stuff done (returning non-fitting christmas presents and such).  Took a little nap at their place (I guess I tweeted that earlier?) and then we took off and saw Slumdog Millionaire, which was pretty decent.   Mostly it left me wanting to go see a proper Bollywood movie, though it would be a bit unfair to call Slumdog Millionaire just a Bollywood flick.  But it had some of my favorite Bollywood actors in it and that did make me want to go see something silly!

At any rate, it’s rather late and I’ve got some more exciting cleaning to do tomorrow before Lewis gets home!  And then we have the most relaxing week of our break to kick off!

La Dolce Vida

Triumphantly Exhausted Boo

Triumphantly Exhausted Boo

Today was a very entertaining day!

It was supposed to be the first day of our graduate student orientation stuff, but Lewis and I got a bit of a late start and decided to skip the non-mandatory first session this morning.  We did go to campus anyway though, to check out the bookstore and see if we could figure out what books we need.  The bookstore was in a bit of chaos with student workers still running around and putting everything up on the shelves, but we did manage to at least see what our required books were.  Took some photos of the ISBN numbers on my phone so we could go home and see if the interwebs could work any magic for us.

We were pretty famished by then as it was already after lunch time, and we still had a trip to Ace in our future, so we took ourselves to Sams to get our schwarma on. I do love Sams. Anyway, thereafter to Ace to pick up some stuff like gloves for the garden and a lightbulb we couldn’t find elsewhere. Luck on all fronts!

Ace also has a nice selection of ornamental grasses, which is what we’re thinking we want to put in the front yard in lieu of palm tree. Lewis has this wonderful vision in mind of a little pebbled path with grasses and a little bench to hang out on. Not sure how we’re going to achieve said thing, but we at least find a grasses-supplier which is better than I thought we might do. Ace also has bulbs out and ready for spring planting! I was just reading that we should be planting our daffodils and tulips soon, and voila, Ace has bulbs for like 10 different sorts of daffodil, and some nice looking iris and crocus as well. We’re about to go bulb-hog wild.

Those cheeky clouds.

Those cheeky clouds.

Rest of the day was pretty lazy. I threw together a preliminary budget, while Lewis did a little gardening in the front yard. Boo escaped out the front door while I was walking in and out, and we decided it was maybe time to graduate the little guy to ourdoor privilages. I watched him pretty nervously for the first while until he eventually scared himself back indoors. He seemed pretty tuckered out after such big adventuring, and he pretty much slept the rest of the afternoon (see figure above).

Lewis and I took a late afternoon jaunt to the local park to investigate the screamy soccer noises we were hearing, and spent a while looking at clouds and talking about silly coveted childhood toys. I’m really tempted to troll ebay looking for Micro Machines now! Boy, those things were pretty fantastic. We also identified several excellent looking clouds. The picture on the left is one that looked like a big hand, so Lewis is giving it a high-five. I promise it looked more like a hand in real life.

Polished off the day with delicious stir fry noodles, finally getting around to watching La Dolce Vida, and drinking one of our donated bottles of red wine left from the housewarming party. All in all, a wonderful movie, and the perfect cap to a fantastic day!