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For it being the first Lewis-free Davis day, it went way better than average!  I always had a hard time with these lonely days in El Cerrito, but it’s so much better with friends and family more nearby.   So I got up and saw Lulu off this morning, and not long thereafter his mom called me and invited me out for the day!  We hit up the Fox & Goose for delicious British brunch, and then did a little running around Sac getting some stuff done (returning non-fitting christmas presents and such).  Took a little nap at their place (I guess I tweeted that earlier?) and then we took off and saw Slumdog Millionaire, which was pretty decent.   Mostly it left me wanting to go see a proper Bollywood movie, though it would be a bit unfair to call Slumdog Millionaire just a Bollywood flick.  But it had some of my favorite Bollywood actors in it and that did make me want to go see something silly!

At any rate, it’s rather late and I’ve got some more exciting cleaning to do tomorrow before Lewis gets home!  And then we have the most relaxing week of our break to kick off!

Toasty! Tea!

What a wonderful relaxing day!

I slept like a rock and got up pretty late this morning.  Lewis and I wanted to get out and get some fresh air today, so we went out to breakfast (lunch, actually, we missed the breakfast hours!) and then out to the wildlife preserve on the causeway by Sacramento.  We spent a few hours walking the levy out there, looking at birds and admiring the wonderful view.  We could see Mt. Diablo, the Sierras (all snowy!), the coast range, and even the Sutter Buttes!   Bird sightings were also excellent.  Got to see a Harrier hawk, some shovellers, a very nice kite,  a merlin, and some more regular folks – snowy egrets, mallards, and red winged black birds!  Much great success.  The wind was pretty stiff and the air pretty crisp, but I was wearing a toasty new sweater Francie gave me, and the mittens I got from Lewis!  I was the toastiest birdwatcher on the levy for sure.

Got a fair bit of cleaning done this afternoon, and got the rest of my sister’s package packed and prepped to send tomorrow.  There are a ton of dishes to do, but having stacked them all together they seem a whole lot less daunting than they did last night.  Lewis is gone for the weekend at Weaselfest, so I should get the chance to get them all done and get the rest of the house tidied up too.  Might hang out with the Lawyers if I get lonely.  It’ll be nice to be in Davis for once while Lewis is at Weaselthing!  Life isn’t nearly so daunting with the in-laws in walking distance, especially with Emily home!   I also got to get some more of my presents squared away – got all my flours stowed in my new storage guys (which are fantastic!) and had two whole cups of toasty, toasty tea from my new tea pot, on my mug warmer!  I always leave my cups half drank and cold, so this is a serious improvement on my situation.

Good times.  Good, relaxing, toasty, wonderful times!