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Eyeballs feel like they’re going to fall out of my head.  Mlugh.  Maybe because I didn’t have tea this morning?  Maybe because I’ve been doing eyeball-intensive junk all day?  My day has been a big stressy blur.  Not because anything has really been going on, but more because I’ve been stressing out about nothing and I can’t remember what seemed so important earlier.

Section this morning was fairly crappy, though that’s sort of to be expected with midterm reviews.  Everyone is so tired of hearing about these topics by this point that it’s hard to keep anyone interested in what’s going on.  Went to CogNeuro after that, which was fine.  I’m going to be glad to be done with classes soon, for sure.  Went downtown and had lunch with my Lewis (Steve’s!) and hit up some stores for Mother’s Day stuff.  Ended up not finding anything that really sent off my mom sensors, so I came home and whipped up a batch of my rosemary cashews, and then I also worked up a batch of something new – honey roasted sesame cashews.  Both turned out well!  I do hope she likes them.  Lewis took them to the pochta while I hit up the gym.

I’ve been pretty spent every since I got home.  Just feeling tired from my day, and worried about giving this exam tomorrow.  Things seem to be all in hand, though, and I’m really ready to go to bed.

Toasty! Tea!

What a wonderful relaxing day!

I slept like a rock and got up pretty late this morning.  Lewis and I wanted to get out and get some fresh air today, so we went out to breakfast (lunch, actually, we missed the breakfast hours!) and then out to the wildlife preserve on the causeway by Sacramento.  We spent a few hours walking the levy out there, looking at birds and admiring the wonderful view.  We could see Mt. Diablo, the Sierras (all snowy!), the coast range, and even the Sutter Buttes!   Bird sightings were also excellent.  Got to see a Harrier hawk, some shovellers, a very nice kite,  a merlin, and some more regular folks – snowy egrets, mallards, and red winged black birds!  Much great success.  The wind was pretty stiff and the air pretty crisp, but I was wearing a toasty new sweater Francie gave me, and the mittens I got from Lewis!  I was the toastiest birdwatcher on the levy for sure.

Got a fair bit of cleaning done this afternoon, and got the rest of my sister’s package packed and prepped to send tomorrow.  There are a ton of dishes to do, but having stacked them all together they seem a whole lot less daunting than they did last night.  Lewis is gone for the weekend at Weaselfest, so I should get the chance to get them all done and get the rest of the house tidied up too.  Might hang out with the Lawyers if I get lonely.  It’ll be nice to be in Davis for once while Lewis is at Weaselthing!  Life isn’t nearly so daunting with the in-laws in walking distance, especially with Emily home!   I also got to get some more of my presents squared away – got all my flours stowed in my new storage guys (which are fantastic!) and had two whole cups of toasty, toasty tea from my new tea pot, on my mug warmer!  I always leave my cups half drank and cold, so this is a serious improvement on my situation.

Good times.  Good, relaxing, toasty, wonderful times!


Merry Christmas, everyone.

It’s past midnight, so I guess that makes this technically the day after, but no worries.  It’s been a heck of a couple of days.  Got all the presents we needed bought and sent and wrapped and etc., etc., etc., though sadly my sister’s present didn’t make it to Seattle due to snow.  I’m pretty bummed about that one.  But I had the most uplifting post-Christmas chat with her on the phone about an hour ago, and it really made my whole day.  I know sometimes I can be way too aloof to be a good friend, let alone a good sister, but I’m trying to make that better.  I was really glad to get ahold of Lisa tonight and see how everything went and whine at her about stuff that went wrong and celebrate stuff that went right and talk about all the great food we made and all the neat things we got and good times we had.  I had a nice chat with Mom and Dad this morning, too, though a bit short due to my phone running out of batteries.  Sigh.  We made it, we’re not destitute, everyone seemed passably pleased, and it wasn’t just me who was feeling a little Christmas funk this year.  It’s a funky time.

And now I’m going to sleep, and dream, and wake up refreshed.  And enjoy all the wonderful thoughful things my husband gave me, and all the warm, comfy things my in-laws gave me, and maybe even have a big cup of delicious tea out of the most beautiful tea set this side of St. Petersburg.   Perhaps with pictures to follow.

And to all, a good night.