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Life moves forward!

Here we are on Telia’s 33rd day, and things are moving along here at Casa Abogados.  Telia is gathering all kinds of bureaucratic manifestations of personhood: a birth certificate, a social security card, and her very own insurance!  (cue Pink Floyd’s “Welcome to the Machine”)  More importantly, she is growing every day.  We’ve noticed that her fingers are getting long and strong, for instance, and the doctor tells us that her head has grown a whole inch in circumference since birth!  She has also officially crossed the 8-pound boundary, as of last week.  So impressive!

She’s spending a couple of hours each day now in a quiet, alert phase—looking around her in a contemplative way, or even gazing into our faces, which of course is the most incredible thing in the world.  And her linguist parents are proud to note that she has made a few non-crying-related cooing sounds now, meaning that she is on the road towards language acquisition!  And we may have even witnessed a few smiles—it’s still a little hard to tell at this point.

And life for Telia’s parents is starting to move on as well, which is good.  Laurie has managed to get out of the house on a few errands, and even a dog walk!  Plus she has applied for a dissertation-year fellowship for next year, so keep your fingers crossed!  Lewis learned last week that he had received an NSF Dissertation Improvement grant.  And, both Laurie and Lewis learned last week that they got papers accepted for publication in journals.  Life is good!

OK, in case you haven’t skipped to them already, here are the baby pictures.  As always, click on the images to enlarge them.  More soon!

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