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Family vacation!

As promised, here’s a selection of pictures from our trip to Stinson Beach for Grandma Lawyer’s birthday!

It was our first night away from home since Telia was born, and she took to being on vacation like a natural!  The ocean, it seems, is a giant white noise machine and she spent most of her time sleeping the day away strapped to Lewis or Laurie, walking down the beach.  Other notable events included Lewis and Laurie’s first real trip to a restaurant with the baby, and T’s first attempt at wearing sunglasses.  Lewis and Laurie even got a whole afternoon alone together, thanks to Emily sending them to have lunch at the Pelican Inn (site of their 7-years-ago honeymoon) for Laurie’s birthday!   Shortly after returning back to Davis, Telia also got to attend Laurel & Ed’s wedding and show off her best party dress!  All in all, happy days for Los Abogados.

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