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August etc.

Here we are in September already!  Better update the world about our August…

Not much happened in August, actually, other than Lewis turning 30—but of course the baby is still the star of the show!  Nevertheless, we include here some pictures from Lewis’ birthday party, for those readers who may enjoy a few non-baby-related pictures.  And don’t worry!  A solid set of baby pictures follows.

Lewis’ birthday party was masterfully engineered by our own Laurie, who had him convinced until the very last minute that he was on his way to a birthday dinner at Chez Panisse.  Instead, she skillfully navigated him to Playland-Not-At-The-Beach, where a gaggle family and good friends were waiting to help him celebrate his chronometer turning over another zero.  Still sporting his dandy clothing intended for a fancy meal, Lewis instead cavorted with these good people among a truly impressive collection of arcade games and curios, and then consumed several pieces of pie which Alice Waters would have loved to claim as hers.  It was, in short, an excellent birthday party, and Laurie is an excellent and certifiable birthday party engineer.

Anyway, pictures from the party follow, themselves followed by a set of baby pictures from August (or thereabouts).  Pictures from our Tahoe trip follow in a separate post!

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    Auntie Em:

    Those tea cozies make you look like cone heads! I also love the animation

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