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one fortweek!

Yes friends, it has been fourteen weeks since Telia was born.  And six weeks since our last post—oops!  T is weighing in now at 11 pounds 12 ounces (as of last week) and has all kinds of new skills.  Grabbing skills, looking skills, talking skills, strong-neck skills, being-calm-in-public skills…  And we’ve been visiting with so many friends and family over the last month!  Every day is a new adventure.

Plus we could talk about things that aren’t babies??  (Feel free to scroll down to the pictures at this point.)  Laurie turned 30!  We got to go see Damien Jurado, who happened to be right here in Davis on the night before Laurie’s birthday playing at Sophia’s, of all places.  And then we had an icecream party yesterday with a bunch of icecream from the Davis Creamery.  Mmmm…  Also, Grandma and Grandpa Casey got us a new couch (see below).  So life is good.

OK, pictures now.  As usual, click the pictures to see them full size.

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