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26 September 2007

a moment

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I saw a truck that gave me a moment of syntactico-semantic pause (though I think the idea may not be as curious as I believed at the time)

and I saw some balloons rising into the sky, framed by the federal building

then an airplane flew by

(the end)

22 September 2007

a feed, and a bat

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Two interesting if somewhat disjunct events:

I’ve successfully made an rss feed for this blog, which you can find here. Much perl under the bridge for that… [ADDENDUM: This post pointed to an old, now dead feed. The new feed, which Wordpress and not I have created, is here, though probably the new-fangled contraption of your choice can already tell you that.]

A bat is attempting to take up residence in our stairwell. Just one bat. We were coming home last night and he flew right out over Laurie’s head. Very exciting…

He was there again this morning, but we scared him closing the door. It’s probably better if he stays away, since it wouldn’t be the most restful of bat caves, though otherwise it’s a pretty good environment. Warm and full of bugs. Delicious bugs.

He hasn’t come back since this morning, and I’m kinda hoping he’s found a better place to live. But if we see him again I’ll try to get a picture for the blog. The blog that has a feed!

The promised posts about cat and typewriter are on their way. Until then, friends, adieu.

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