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8 February 2009

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Faith of our fathers
Holy faith
We will be true to Thee
Til death

Once faith in the power of human knowledge–
Faith that we can know, never everything
But more than by merely accepting things on faith–
Once this is gone, we have nothing.

Our fathers chained in prisons dark

It is for a belief in humanity that my fathers have suffered
Perhaps a nagging awareness that faith lies at the basis of their understanding,
Or a solid presence, silent, dark, upon which is constructed the world
In their sight.

They would believe
That their children go closer to truth
And man marches on into Light.

If they like them
Would die for Thee

My fathers had rather go to meet death naked–
An organism disintegrating into mere matter,
A cognizence ceasing–
This they would face, rather than live forever
By the alien light of incomprehensible deity.

7 February 2009

Ode to a Kumquat

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Kumquat, kumquat in the mud
Someone thought you were a dud
Or maybe they just dropped you, bud
But now you’re not forgot.

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