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It’s (going to be) a girl!

It's (going to be) a girl!

Well, it’s been a busy 4+ years!  In addition to all the progress we’ve made on our degrees and Davisiteness, we also found out this summer that we’re going to have a baby!  And today we found out that it’s going to be a girl.  We are very excited!  We got a bunch of pictures from the ultrasound, and thought we’d put them up here.  It was amazing to see all the images today.  The baby was moving around quite a bit—kicking and moving her arms, and generally squirming.  It’s all seeming a bit more real now!  The still pictures don’t carry quite the punch that the moving images did, but they’re still very cool, and we hope that interested family members will enjoy them!  The last picture is from an earlier ultrasound, 12 weeks ago.  She was barely more than a centimeter long then!

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    Emily (proud future-aunt!):

    YAY! She’s amazing!!

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